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We are a leading interior designers in Kenya who prides is in designing and creating great spaces.

Dan and his team did an amazing job. They took our designs, customised and gave us what we wanted. Moreover they maximised every inch of space.

Peter Njoroge

Princework Interior Designer

As interior specialists Kenya, we understand the complex requirements of each project. We work flexibly and efficiently to fit around you.We design and construct interiors that are focused on practicality.

We create a clean, modern environment that meets all your needs. We deliver high specification interior design works in Kenya and construction projects throughout East Africa


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Our Process Makes Your Dream Come True

Client/Site Visit

Establishing rapport understanding client needs, and evaluating site conditions;
- Introduction and information gathering
- On-site exploration and client consultation
- Documentation of site details and requirements

Preliminary Design

Translating client preferences into conceptual designs that balance aesthetics and feasibility;
- Concept development and visual representation
- Client collaboration and iterative refinement
- Finalization of designs and specifications

Quotations and Costing

Translating Providing transparent and accurate pricing based on the finalized designs;
- Detailed cost estimation and supplier engagement
- Transparent presentation of quotation to client

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Why choose Princework

Experience and expertise:  Our talented design team has successfully finished multiple projects around Kenya, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of diverse interior design trends and regional preferences.

Customized Solutions: Princework enjoys providing individualized and custom interior design solutions that match your preferences, financial constraints, and practical needs. 

Quality: We collaborate with a network of reliable vendors and craftspeople for the best materials and workmanship on every project. Your interior space will last the test of time, thanks to our dedication to excellence.

Detail Orientation: In terms of interior design, the little things count. Every aspect of Princework is carefully considered, from colour palettes and lighting to furniture choices and room layout. 

Timely Delivery: We are committed to completing your project on schedule and within the allocated budget because we recognize how important budgets and deadlines are. 

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